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Collaborating - as a member of Hydrogen Austria

The whole, its parts and the sum … Hydrogen Austria lives and breathes the idea of a platform. The involvement and integration of a wide diversity of players ensures that Hydrogen Austria has an active voice when it comes to national hydrogen activities. 

Together, we are resolutely committed to improving framework conditions, such as infrastructure, openness to technology, economic viability and funding. Furthermore, we are making Austria's performance in the field of hydrogen visible in Europe and around the globe. 

In the interest of an Austrian hydrogen offensive, which includes, for example, R&D, piloting, the opening of new markets, investments, export and start-ups, the ultimate goal is to attain technology and market leadership. 

Free membership until the end of 2022
Your membership of the Hydrogen Austria cluster is free until the end of December 2022. Annual membership fees do not apply until January 2023. These are broken down as follows: 

Size of enerpriseMembership fees
Microenterprise (up to 9 employees)€ 500
Small enterprise (up to 49 employees)€ 750
Medium-sized enterprise (up to 249 employees)€ 1.000
Large enterprise€ 2.000
Institutes of higher education, research institutes€ 750
Startups (im ersten Mitgliedsjahr)for free

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Then get in touch with us today. You can reach us by email, or call us on +43 512 576262-279. We'll get back to you without delay and inform you on how you can get involved in Hydrogen Austria and about the benefits you can derive from it. 


Become a member of Hydrogen Austria, the Austrian Hydrogen Cluster!

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