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An energy source for the future

Creating the energy transition with hydrogen

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Hydrogen - an energy source for the future

Alongside renewable energy sources and enhanced energy efficiency, hydrogen is a key pillar in the energy transition process. Europe's objective is to become climate neutral by 2050 and the use of hydrogen can contribute greatly to this aim. 

Even today, hydrogen is used in numerous industrial processes, for example in the chemical industry and refineries. Further fields of application include glass production and metalworking industries. This hydrogen, however, is, for the most part, obtained from fossil resources. Its production results in the emission of climate-damaging CO2.

With strategy to success
The EU's hydrogen strategy is focussing on the use of so-called green hydrogen which is obtained without releasing climate-damaging CO2.

Hydrogen has the potential to be utilised in many industrial processes. Mobility is another possible area of application. Since hydrogen facilitates the storage and transport of energy, it can also serve as a long-term storage medium for surplus electricity.